5 Questions to ask before hiring a San Diego property manager

San Diego Property Manager

5 Questions to ask before hiring a San Diego property manager

5 Questions to ask before hiring a San Diego property manager

  1. What are your fees?

    While many San Diego Property Manager’s offer teaser rates to entice you to use their services, the hidden fees you do not ask about can impact your bottom line significantly.

    Before hiring a San Diego property manager, it is important to ask if they charge any of the following fees:San Diego Property Manager
    – Leasing Fee
    – Renewal Fee
    – Inspection Fee
    – Maintenance Coordination Fee
    – 1099 Filing Fee
    – Sale Fee
    At Realty Management Group, we only charge a small flat-fee of $99/mo. We do NOT charge for any of the fees listed above.

  2. What will my property rent for?

    A potential property manager should have historical data, public data sources, and market knowledge when pricing your home. An uneducated guess regarding the rental value of your property can lead to many thousands in lost revenue and extended vacancy periods.

    At Realty Management Group, We have compiled years of data, have access to the latest market data, and have extensive market knowledge in the area we serve. Our goal is to work with our owners to get the highest possible rental amount.

  3. How are potential tenants screened?

    There is a lot more to screening an applicant than just running a credit report. In-Depth screening is where a property manager is worth their weight in gold!

    At Realty Management Group, we not only search all 3 credit bureaus, we also do a complete background check which includes terrorism watch list, Megan’s law database, criminal history, and more. Our proprietary scoring method allows us to decipher this information in a safe and fair manner while selecting the best possible applicant.

  4. How are repairs handled?

    Every property management company handles repairs differently. Some companies have an in-house maintenance division, some outsource the entire process, etc. Timely response to maintenance issues is paramount in preserving your property and retaining long-term tenants, which increases your yearly returns. Many companies will charge a fee associated with coordinating maintenance requests.

    At Realty Management Group, we handle all repairs through our network of reliable and cost effective tradesman, contractors, and handymen. Our quick response times increase tenant satisfaction and minimizes further damages.

  5. How is my property advertised?

    The days of only putting up a “For Rent” sign are long gone. A San Diego Property Manager should be exhausting all online and offline efforts to market your home to every prospective tenant. Limited advertising could lead to fewer applicants and lower rental rates.

    At Realty Management Group, we use state-of-the-art marketing methods to target potential renters for your property. In addition to our online marketing, we also work with the City of San Diego in an effort to help find homes for veterans. Our branding efforts have also led to a large pool of renters actively looking for a home. Many times we have a tenant ready to go before the home is available.

    Realty Management Groups is San Diego’s #1 option for quality property management services. Pricing starts at only $79/mo.
    San Diego Property Manager

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