People hate us on yelp

Realty Management Group Yelp

People hate us on yelp

People hate us on yelp…and love us too. It’s complicated.

We get asked at least once-per-week why we have a 4.5 rating on yelp.

Throughout our years in the property management business, we’ve made some tenants pretty upset. We would not be doing our job if every tenant loved us. Each time we file an eviction, send a tenant to collections, decline an application, deduct from a security deposit, we’re the bad guy; we get a bad review. Unfortunately, it is the nature of the property management business, not to mention that some people don’t want to take personal responsibility. It’s just easier to blame us. We are hired by the property owners to protect their interests, and we intend to keep doing so, even if it gets us negative reviews

Negative reviews can cripple a business. As of the writing of this blog, we have 3 negative reviews (none of which are legitimate or accurate whatsoever). Not a single one of the negative reviews is from a current or past owner.

This blog is to inform potential owners that they should consider negative Yelp reviews for what they are, one-sided and often-times non-factual. At Realty Management Group, we strive for 100% satisfaction and work tirelessly to ensure every owner is proud of their decision to hire us.

We have hundreds of satisfied property owners and tenants. If you are a property owner considering hiring us to manage your rental, please do not make your decision solely on the reviews of a single online platform. We will gladly provide owner references for you to contact and get real-life experiences.

We currently have 88 5-Star reviews on google

We currently have over 40 5-star reviews (34 in the “filtered” section by yelp)

Realty Management Group is proud to be the #1 San Diego Property Management Company since 2006.

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